Pride and Sacrifice

That is the other key difference in the stories. When Jesus died, the human authorities thought they had won, but they didn't have the last word. God had the last word. The resurrection is a witness to the power of God's love even over the machinations of death. Even when the world is loveless, even when the world would sacrifice some of our siblings, God will conquer. God will have the last word. As people who follow the loving, liberating, life giving God, it is our work to take the knives out of the hands of those who think they are enacting justice. And God takes pride when we keep on marching.

Loneliness and Real Healing

The past two Sundays our priest Associate, and our seminarian have begun their sermons by making fun Of me for assigning them to preach. The Pentecost, fire from on high. The Trinity, a difficult doctrine. Well, there’s some truth to their claims. It’s good to be rector. I did very much enjoy having some time … Continue reading Loneliness and Real Healing