Guatemala update: Tough realities and queer joy as protest.

I’m attending a conference on LGBTQ+ Rights. This morning we talked about the economic opportunities of the Trans community in the Northern Triangle. Watching the video “Jóvenes Desprotegidas” We discussed how closed society is officially and culturally to trans people. Violence is expected. As one of the activists said: “It feels radical to be inContinue reading “Guatemala update: Tough realities and queer joy as protest.”

Father’s Day and Expansive Love

There are plenty of Goliaths out there. There are plenty of shiny, slick, powerful forces, and the world is very impressed. But don’t confuse largeness with rightness. Don’t equate a win in the Supreme Court with God’s endorsement. For that matter don’t confuse an institutional church’s opinion with God’s. God doesn’t see as humans see. The way through the storms of hate and bigotry is now and ever shall be calm expansive love.

Loneliness and Real Healing

The past two Sundays our priest Associate, and our seminarian have begun their sermons by making fun Of me for assigning them to preach. The Pentecost, fire from on high. The Trinity, a difficult doctrine. Well, there’s some truth to their claims. It’s good to be rector. I did very much enjoy having some timeContinue reading “Loneliness and Real Healing”