My Testimony on Missouri’s Proposed “Don’t Say Gay” Legislation

I’ve been traveling out to our State Capitol this spring with a group from PROMO Missouri, including several clergy colleagues. On March 1, I participated in a 4 hour hearing on Missouri’s proposed “Don’t Say Gay” legislation along with others from Holy Communion.. This is my testimony: Good Morning. My name is the Rev MikeContinue reading “My Testimony on Missouri’s Proposed “Don’t Say Gay” Legislation”

The Church of England’s Half Measure on LGBTQ+ Inclusion isn’t Enough

The stakes on LGBTQ+ marriage are much bigger than church politics. Will Christians be consumed with our own inner fights and technicalities, or will we be bold for God’s love? Does the church serve itself, or serve the world in Christ’s name?

No One Gets to the Promised Land Alone

As we remember Dr. King this weekend, I have one question for you: “where is your village?” If we are to continue the work of Civil Rights, of human rights, if we are to seek to follow Jesus, I think it would benefit us all to ask, “where is your village?” Because, no one, not Moses, not Jesus, not Dr. King gets to the promised land alone.