Mike Angell is an Episcopal priest and rector of the Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis. A doctoral student in Christian Spirituality at the Virginia Theological Seminary, he also serves on the board of Cristosal, a human rights organization in Central America.


Transform Shame into Laughter

Faith tends to do one of two things. It can close us down or open us up. When you read a Gospel like story of the Samaritan Woman, you have to wonder why we think it’s our job, as Christians, to shut people down. Ours is a faith with the capacity to bring light, and…

Loud about Love

How many of us are covert about our Christian faith because we don’t want to be associated with that label? John 3:16 is perhaps the most famous line in the Bible. How we read it, how we interpret it, tells us a great deal about the kind of Christianity we practice. Is your faith about…

My Testimony on Missouri’s Proposed “Don’t Say Gay” Legislation

I’ve been traveling out to our State Capitol this spring with a group from PROMO Missouri, including several clergy colleagues. On March 1, I participated in a 4 hour hearing on Missouri’s proposed “Don’t Say Gay” legislation along with others from Holy Communion.. This is my testimony: Good Morning. My name is the Rev Mike…

Ash Wednesday: Dying that We Might Come Alive

Ireneaus of Lyon, in the second century, said that “the glory of God is the person fully alive.” How can we be more fully alive? More deeply alive? More awake, more engaged, more present?

Do Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

We live in a part of the world where doing justice means doing church the way that Holy Communion does church. Too many churches and pastors are behind so much cruelty and hate in this state. It matters that you show up for worship and welcome people exactly for who they are.

My Testimony at the Hearing on Eight Proposed anti-LGBTQ+ Laws

My testimony at this week’s hearing in the Missouri Legislature on eight proposed anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Big thanks to PROMO for the hard work of organizing 300+ people to give testimony for over 8 hours to try and stop this attack.


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How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?

is part of the “Little Books of Guidance” series from Church Publishing. Mike talks frankly about questions of race, identity, justice, and faith.
(Read a review by the poet Robert Lowes)

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