Mike Angell is an Episcopal priest and rector of the Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis. A doctoral student in Christian Spirituality at the Virginia Theological Seminary, he also serves on the board of Cristosal, a human rights organization in Central America.


No One Gets to the Promised Land Alone

As we remember Dr. King this weekend, I have one question for you: “where is your village?” If we are to continue the work of Civil Rights, of human rights, if we are to seek to follow Jesus, I think it would benefit us all to ask, “where is your village?” Because, no one, not…

Star of Wonder

What does it mean to godparent in the 21st century? All of us need people, sometimes from beyond our immediate family, to name and nurture the good, the true, the beautiful in us. We need community willing to name what is holy in our lives.

Let Earth Receive Her King

God did not come as a King with great might. God didn’t raise an army. God simply broke in, and asked to be held, to be nurtured. God chose to be born by an unwed mother, at the edge of an empire. If God can choose her, can choose there, God can surely choose here,…

Cristosal Human Rights Report

I’m really proud of the work Cristosal is doing and invite you to join me in supporting our organization. If you are making end of year donations, I encourage you to consider Cristosal. All the information to support us is here.

Advent Wilderness

In Advent we go out to the wilderness, because there, at the edge, there in the hands of wild ones something new can be born.


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How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?

is part of the “Little Books of Guidance” series from Church Publishing. Mike talks frankly about questions of race, identity, justice, and faith.
(Read a review by the poet Robert Lowes)

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