Mike Angell is an Episcopal priest and rector of the Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis. A doctoral student in Christian Spirituality at the Virginia Theological Seminary, he also serves on the board of Cristosal, a human rights organization in Central America.


A Little More Pentecostal?

On Pentecost, what do we miss because of our self-protective cynicism? Can we make room for mystery? Can we make room for God’s Spirit? Can we learn to trust?

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The Ascension and the Location of God

In order to understand the Ascension, you have to see the pattern. Every time the people want to take Jesus and install him in a throne of power, he escapes. Every time they ask Jesus when he will give them power, he says “you’re missing the point.” Jesus ascends to heaven itself to frustrate all…

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Mothers’ Day and God’s Wild Love

On Mothers’ Day: what happens if we imagine God as a mother? What happens if we imagine the Spirit as a beloved auntie? How does shifting our sense of the divine feminine change our spirituality?

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The Shepherd Song

We live in the days of constant distraction, with technologies and ideologies competing for our attention. Today it is hard to tune out the angry noise. But if you listen, I believe, you can still hear the Shepherd’s song: a song of comfort, a song of challenge, a song of life abundant for all.

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How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?

is part of the “Little Books of Guidance” series from Church Publishing. Mike talks frankly about questions of race, identity, justice, and faith.
(Read a review by the poet Robert Lowes)

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