Mike Angell is a priest and community organizer. He is a preacher, writer, dad, and a sometimes frisbee and ukulele player. He likes to hike, ski, listen, and laugh.


Money as a Means to an End

How could we use our money more imaginatively, for the sake of those in need? The Rev. Mike Angell reads the parable of the “dishonest manager” or the “unjust steward” as a window into God’s economy.

Guatemala update: Tough realities and queer joy as protest.

I’m attending a conference on LGBTQ+ Rights. This morning we talked about the economic opportunities of the Trans community in the Northern Triangle. Watching the video “Jóvenes Desprotegidas” We discussed how closed society is officially and culturally to trans people. Violence is expected. As one of the activists said: “It feels radical to be inContinue reading “Guatemala update: Tough realities and queer joy as protest.”

Will you join Cristosal in defending LGBTQ+ Rights?

From September 5-11, 2022 I will be participating in a summit on defending LGBTQ+ human rights in Central America and other environments where governments are hostile to those rights. We will be meeting with queer leaders and sharing stories and methodologies. My congregation, Holy Communion, has paid for my trip in its entirety, but I want to raise awareness and support for the activists in Central America and Cristosal’s work.

I invite you to make a contribution to Cristosal’s work here:


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How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?

is part of the “Little Books of Guidance” series from Church Publishing. Mike talks frankly about questions of race, identity, justice, and faith.
(Read a review by the poet Robert Lowes)

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