The Shepherd Song

We live in the days of constant distraction, with technologies and ideologies competing for our attention. Today it is hard to tune out the angry noise. But if you listen, I believe, you can still hear the Shepherd’s song: a song of comfort, a song of challenge, a song of life abundant for all.

Transform Shame into Laughter

Faith tends to do one of two things. It can close us down or open us up. When you read a Gospel like story of the Samaritan Woman, you have to wonder why we think it’s our job, as Christians, to shut people down. Ours is a faith with the capacity to bring light, and curiosity, and hope. Ours is a faith which can help us to laugh and to listen.

No One Gets to the Promised Land Alone

As we remember Dr. King this weekend, I have one question for you: “where is your village?” If we are to continue the work of Civil Rights, of human rights, if we are to seek to follow Jesus, I think it would benefit us all to ask, “where is your village?” Because, no one, not Moses, not Jesus, not Dr. King gets to the promised land alone.