Father’s Day and Expansive Love

There are plenty of Goliaths out there. There are plenty of shiny, slick, powerful forces, and the world is very impressed. But don't confuse largeness with rightness. Don't equate a win in the Supreme Court with God's endorsement. For that matter don’t confuse an institutional church's opinion with God's. God doesn't see as humans see. The way through the storms of hate and bigotry is now and ever shall be calm expansive love.

What if Christianity is a Way of Paying Attention?

https://youtu.be/sbolu92dXfQ What if Christianity is simply a way of paying attention? After all the beliefs, after all the pomp and circumstance and the great cathedrals are stripped away, after all of the behaviors and the admonitions to avoid certain behaviors are taken aside, what if Christianity is primarily a way of paying attention? I've been … Continue reading What if Christianity is a Way of Paying Attention?

Patient, and Brave, and True

https://youtu.be/OLb0YM-amDM Today is the Feast of All Saints. Today we celebrate not just one Saint or another, not just Lucy or Barnabas. We celebrate ALL of them. Now, saints are sort of tricky business for Episcopalians. We’re not exactly sure what to do with Saints. We have a calendar, well, actually we have about four … Continue reading Patient, and Brave, and True