Martha, Mary, and Scrubbing Dishes A few summers ago, in Wind River mountains, I found myself scrubbing dishes with Barbara Brown Taylor, the writer and Episcopal priest, one of the top preachers in America. We happened to be assigned to the same crew for chores at Ring Lake, a sort of clergy dude ranch in Wyoming. My mother, also... Continue Reading →

The God of Jesus: The story of the Mothering Father. What do we mean when we say the word “God?” part 3

Don’t let God’s name be defined by hate and fear. The world needs more generous words about God. The God we speak of, the One we pray to in this place, our God blesses life in all its diversity. God works for liberation for ALL people. The world needs more words about the God of forgiveness and love, the God who invites us to grow up. Say the word “God.”

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