Father’s Day and Expansive Love

There are plenty of Goliaths out there. There are plenty of shiny, slick, powerful forces, and the world is very impressed. But don't confuse largeness with rightness. Don't equate a win in the Supreme Court with God's endorsement. For that matter don’t confuse an institutional church's opinion with God's. God doesn't see as humans see. The way through the storms of hate and bigotry is now and ever shall be calm expansive love.

On the Vatican and Same-Gender Relationships

Yesterday many news outlets announced a ruling from the Vatican; priests would not be allowed to bless same-gender relationships. Every story I saw pointed out the most painful line in the document that the church "does not and cannot bless sin." The Roman Catholic Church still views same-gender love as sinful, and will withhold blessings. … Continue reading On the Vatican and Same-Gender Relationships