Breaking Bread

Jesus calls his disciples, on the road to Emmaus “slow of heart.” After this week in Missouri, it is easy to see Christians who are too slow to love. LGBTQ+ people, trans people, are being attacked in our state. Our faith isn’t about wishing away diversity. At this church we practice knowing in our hearts that all our differences somehow fit within the love of God, which gathers us in one body.

The Church of England’s Half Measure on LGBTQ+ Inclusion isn’t Enough

The stakes on LGBTQ+ marriage are much bigger than church politics. Will Christians be consumed with our own inner fights and technicalities, or will we be bold for God’s love? Does the church serve itself, or serve the world in Christ’s name?

No One Gets to the Promised Land Alone

As we remember Dr. King this weekend, I have one question for you: “where is your village?” If we are to continue the work of Civil Rights, of human rights, if we are to seek to follow Jesus, I think it would benefit us all to ask, “where is your village?” Because, no one, not Moses, not Jesus, not Dr. King gets to the promised land alone.

St Francis and Spirituality For The Ecological Crisis

On St. Francis Day 2022, I preached a sermon looking at the ecological crisis. In order to overcome this moment, we will need prayer and a deeper and broader sense of what Spirituality means.