Wrestling with God

https://youtu.be/b_dkAcvaiBw Holy Communion UCity · The Rev. Mike Angell: Wrestling With God Here’s a thesis: the Bible's endurance comes from its mystery. These Genesis stories were told for hundreds of years before every being written down. The stories are probably close to three thousand years old. They were campfire tales, told and refined by storytellers … Continue reading Wrestling with God

The Challenging Sainthood of Dr. King

https://youtu.be/fcHWbi0JNYY?list=PLuR3t84V2Eyc_7qG7848UNOgEezIpaVkK I remember hearing Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech as a little kid. I remember well, it was the early days of CD-ROM software for the computer, and our school had received a donation of an early digital encyclopedia. The article about Dr. King included a recording. Not the whole speech, not the … Continue reading The Challenging Sainthood of Dr. King