Healthy Fear

If all your fear is doing is shutting you down, if all your fear is doing is making you numb, if all your fear is doing is causing you to buy more insurance for your house, or click “purchase” for survival supplies online then your fear isn’t the fear of God. The fear of God calls us away from all our false fears, that we don’t have enough, that we aren’t enough. The fear of God makes us free to act, free to care for one another.

Mercy makes the Samaritan Good: The Rev. Mike Angell

Today Jesus takes what could have been another legalistic argument, counting insiders and outsiders. Instead when asked “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus gets practical. Your neighbor is the person who treats you with dignity, who treats you with love, who treats you with mercy. You neighbor when you go and do likewise.

The Trinity: Rise Up, A Sermon on God’s Power

The Trinity stands ready to confound those who think they already know what God looks like and how divine power works. When the world all seems too much, remember, our faith teaches us the heart all creation is a community of perfect equity.