Baptism: Comfort and Challenge

I want to thank your rector, Jered Weber-Johnson, for inviting me to come to Minnesota. In January. Your rector is sneaky. He chose a really specific moment to invite me to come preach, the end of June last year. I had just walked the streets of my city, St. Louis, for the hottest, sunniest, muggiest … Continue reading Baptism: Comfort and Challenge

Patient, and Brave, and True Today is the Feast of All Saints. Today we celebrate not just one Saint or another, not just Lucy or Barnabas. We celebrate ALL of them. Now, saints are sort of tricky business for Episcopalians. We’re not exactly sure what to do with Saints. We have a calendar, well, actually we have about four … Continue reading Patient, and Brave, and True

Is Baptism Dangerous Enough?

Humanity needs and fears water. We are deeply entangled in this relationship. This weekend, we are particularly entangled relationship, in a spectacular frozen way. As a Coloradan, I know I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to a few things, beer is one of them. Snow is another. You see, in … Continue reading Is Baptism Dangerous Enough?