Trinity, Baptism, and Life Lived Deeply

In the name of God. The Lover, the Beloved, and Love itself. We’ve packed a great deal into this Sunday. I know. You probably picked up that bulletin and it felt a bit hefty today. 16 pages Angela, our church administrator assures me, 16 pages is more pages than usual. Baptisms. Thanksgivings for Ministry. GreatContinue reading “Trinity, Baptism, and Life Lived Deeply”

Liturgy for Lent: Moments of Transition

Mike: Let’s turn for a moment from Eucharist. I think we’ll still do a supplemental post on Eucharistic prayers, but I want to talk about the other moments in the prayer book. If you look at the order of the services in the prayer book, there’s a sense of order that emerges. After the dailyContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: Moments of Transition”