All Saints: Take off your Grave Clothes

The Rev. Mike Angell preaches on All Saints Day: Your faith isn’t just yours. Your faith was passed down to you. Never forget that, and know when you come down the aisle of church, when you sing a song of the saints of God, when you stand around the table, you are not alone. The communion of the saints, all the saints is here to. So take off your grave clothes. Be Free. Practice resurrection, and get out there and get about the work of setting others free. That’s what Jesus asks of us, this All Saints Day.

The World Turned Right Side Up

no matter who wins the election, we will have work to do. Washington can’t do it alone. Whoever is president, the work of Holy Communion will be pretty much the same. We need to make a difference with love. We need to make a difference with love. We need to turn our little corner of the world right-side up. We can only do it with love.