Breaking Bread

Jesus calls his disciples, on the road to Emmaus “slow of heart.” After this week in Missouri, it is easy to see Christians who are too slow to love. LGBTQ+ people, trans people, are being attacked in our state. Our faith isn’t about wishing away diversity. At this church we practice knowing in our hearts that all our differences somehow fit within the love of God, which gathers us in one body.

Quit Playing Games (of status)

So much of Christianity is lived as a status game. So many churches are busy policing insiders and outsiders But Jesus talked about a banquet, a great feast where no one will have to be anxious about where they are supposed to sit. No one will have to worry about how they should behave. Everyone will be in on the secret: You can just let go. Every seat is a seat of honor at Christ’s banquet; there is room to spare.

Jesus, the self-offering way: Jonathan Daniels and Inward Digestion

Following Jesus can put you at odds with the world. Following Jesus can put you at odds with you friends, and your denomination, and your political party. Following Jesus can get you in trouble. Daniel Berrigan, the famous Jesuit activist, likes to say, “If you want to follow Jesus, you better look good on wood.”