Free Pews and a Dangerous Welcome

Jesus words to Zacchaeus are a shock to the system. At Jesus table there is a seat for everyone. Everyone: Samaritans, Tax Collectors, Women, The Poor, Democrats, Republicans, Pro-Lifers, Pro-Choice folks, Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, heck, there’s even room for Episcopalians.

Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL

Welcome. Welcome. If you sort of cringe when you hear welcome, from me, I understand.  I only arrived to St. Louis in January.  This is my first Sunday sermon at the Cathedral.  Who am I to welcome you?  I learned to be careful with the word “welcome” at my previous church in Washington, DC.  OnContinue reading “Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL”