Quit Playing Games (of status)

So much of Christianity is lived as a status game. So many churches are busy policing insiders and outsiders But Jesus talked about a banquet, a great feast where no one will have to be anxious about where they are supposed to sit. No one will have to worry about how they should behave. Everyone will be in on the secret: You can just let go. Every seat is a seat of honor at Christ’s banquet; there is room to spare.

Free Pews and a Dangerous Welcome

Jesus words to Zacchaeus are a shock to the system. At Jesus table there is a seat for everyone. Everyone: Samaritans, Tax Collectors, Women, The Poor, Democrats, Republicans, Pro-Lifers, Pro-Choice folks, Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, heck, there’s even room for Episcopalians.

Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL

Welcome. Welcome. If you sort of cringe when you hear welcome, from me, I understand.  I only arrived to St. Louis in January.  This is my first Sunday sermon at the Cathedral.  Who am I to welcome you?  I learned to be careful with the word “welcome” at my previous church in Washington, DC.  OnContinue reading “Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL”