Chaos or Community?

In ancient times waters stood for chaos. In the first chapter of Genesis the Spirit of God hovers over the waters. God brings life out of darkness, out of the waters, out of chaos. God parts waters. And God brings life and freedom out of human chaos as well. Scholars tell us Exodus is partlyContinue reading “Chaos or Community?”

Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL

Welcome. Welcome. If you sort of cringe when you hear welcome, from me, I understand.  I only arrived to St. Louis in January.  This is my first Sunday sermon at the Cathedral.  Who am I to welcome you?  I learned to be careful with the word “welcome” at my previous church in Washington, DC.  OnContinue reading “Welcome: A Sermon for Pride Sunday preached at @CCCathedralSTL”