Guatemala update: Tough realities and queer joy as protest.

I’m attending a conference on LGBTQ+ Rights. This morning we talked about the economic opportunities of the Trans community in the Northern Triangle. Watching the video “Jóvenes Desprotegidas”

We discussed how closed society is officially and culturally to trans people. Violence is expected. As one of the activists said: “It feels radical to be in a Christian retreat center as a trans woman. It is more radical to express love toward a trans person than to express violence toward them.”

It is radical that Cristosal is intentionally employing trans activists. There is so much work, and the group is so dedicated. They are also such a joy to be around. Barbara Holmes, in her new book Crisis Contemplation talks about the practice of joy:

“Performing Joy as a path toward healing is discussed within the context of black community, but applies to all marginalized or traumatized people. Our current circumstances require resilience and the steadfast belief that joy is a healing inner event and a spiritual practice.”

Barbara Holmes Crisis Contemplation

Practicing joy is a protest against the systems which dehumanize.

I invite you to make a contribution to Cristosal’s work here:

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The Rev. Mike Angell is rector of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis.

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