What nourishes you?

What is your daily bread? What nourishes you? Before we roll into this sermon, know that I wish these lessons did not come up during summer. I’d rather we read all this about bread from John during the majority of the year when we serve a big breakfast on Sunday morning. September can’t come quicklyContinue reading “What nourishes you?”

Sermon from St. Albans July 26 More than we can ask or imagine…

More than we can ask or imagine… I don’t know about you, but our house when I was growing up was known for its leftovers. To this day, when I’m home at my parents place my friends tend to show up to raid the fridge for stray containers of Chinese food, or pizza, or whateverContinue reading “Sermon from St. Albans July 26 More than we can ask or imagine…”

South Africa 1, the journey narrative

July 15-6 We began the trip with an 18 hour plane ride and arrived in Johannesburg pretty jet-lagged. We started our adventure with a trip to the mall to pick up necessities like power converters and a cell phone sim card. It was amazing to both Sam and I the impressive amount of globalization inContinue reading “South Africa 1, the journey narrative”