Let Earth Receive Her King

God did not come as a King with great might. God didn’t raise an army. God simply broke in, and asked to be held, to be nurtured. God chose to be born by an unwed mother, at the edge of an empire. If God can choose her, can choose there, God can surely choose here, choose you.

The Real News is Love

We inherit this good news. It becomes our work to inhabit the meaning. So if you will take a word from a pastor this Christmas, let it be this: set down the news cycle, at least for these next few days. Instead, take time for the deeper news, the good news, even this year, especially this year. Take the time to let the great joy take root. Find ways to choose love. Choose to be present. Choose to dig past all the wrapping to the deep structure. God, out of love for us, broke all our rules, to spend time with all the wrong people. Imagine the world we could build if we likewise chose to go to the edges, to spend our time with those for whom our society makes no room. Imagine what would be possible if we allowed ourselves to be loved into loving.

Light in Darkness

Friends, there isn’t just a light at the end of the tunnel. There has been light in the tunnel the whole time. You, for me, for so many, have been little lights shining. And the darkness did not overcome us. Keep letting your lights shine, even as we can hopefully see that big light at the end of the tunnel.