Marriage Equality and the ongoing work of justice- a sermon for the 12:10p Holy Eucharist

“There is no longer Jew or Greek.  There is no longer slave nor free.  There is no longer male and female” today we can add to St. Paul’s list: today there is no longer “same-sex marriage” and “opposite sex marriage,” at least in the eyes of the Federal Government.  Today is indeed a historic dayContinue reading “Marriage Equality and the ongoing work of justice- a sermon for the 12:10p Holy Eucharist”

Sermon for Christ the King Sunday

Today is Christ the King Sunday.  Today we celebrate Jesus, the King of Glory.  It makes sense to celebrate Christ the King today, the last Sunday of the Church year.  This Sunday often falls just after Thanksgiving, and there are so many vibrant, loud, flashy, hymns that might just keep those of us who areContinue reading “Sermon for Christ the King Sunday”

Religious Radicals (Sermon for Ordinary Time Proper 19, year B)

Jesus and his disciples are on the road this morning.  The visual is important.  In the story you have Jesus, the disciples, and what Mark refers to as the “crowd.”  Jesus has a bit of a posse, a bit of an entourage.  They’re walking down a long dusty footpath from Bethsaida to Cesarea Phillipi, climbingContinue reading “Religious Radicals (Sermon for Ordinary Time Proper 19, year B)”

Faith and the American Dream

Today Jesus sets the bar pretty high, don’t you think?  That last sentence is really the clincher: “Be perfect, you know, like God is perfect.”Really Jesus?  You wonder how he thought the disciples would respond:  “Oh, oh, now I get it.  Be perfect, like God, that’s where we were going wrong.  Thanks Jesus.” Now, I’mContinue reading “Faith and the American Dream”