Faith and the American Dream

Today Jesus sets the bar pretty high, don’t you think?  That last sentence is really the clincher: “Be perfect, you know, like God is perfect.”Really Jesus?  You wonder how he thought the disciples would respond:  “Oh, oh, now I get it.  Be perfect, like God, that’s where we were going wrong.  Thanks Jesus.” Now, I’mContinue reading “Faith and the American Dream”

OWLs for Priests, The GOE (General Ordination Exams)

The past week of my life has been spent taking a massive test.  The Episcopal Church requires that each person preparing for ordained ministry be examined in the areas of: Holy Scripture, Contemporary Society, Christian Theology & Missiology, Liturgy & Church Music, Christian Ethics & Moral Theology, the Theory & Practice of Ministry, and Church History.Continue reading “OWLs for Priests, The GOE (General Ordination Exams)”