Diversity is Strength

Like Philip and the other early followers of Jesus discovered, the Gospel is bigger than any one of us, bigger than any one identity. To fully see the beauty of God’s good news, we are going to have to try and wrap our embrace around the whole of humanity. To fully know the love of God, we have to learn to love, learn to be loved by all sorts and categories of peopl

Prophetic Words Will Never Fall to the Ground: Remembering Dr. King

Until Dr. King’s “Revolution of Human Rights” is complete, we live in hope, and we listen for a vision, even in a time when visions are rare. Keep dreaming. Keep working. Keep moving forward. We shall overcome.

What to do with the mess.

Words matter. We saw this week the power of words, as our president stumbled and failed to use the words that were necessary, required, given the mess our country is facing. I don’t know that I always have the best words, but I hope to leave you with a little hope.

Who is my neighbor?

  “Who is my neighbor?” This lawyer’s question brings us a radical story from Jesus this morning. “Who is my neighbor” Jesus’ answer is a story that has become one of his best known teachings. On the surface the message of the Good Samaritan seems simple: be kind. Show mercy. The very name “Samaritan” hasContinue reading “Who is my neighbor?”