“Chaos or community?”

There has been a great deal of debate in our nation over the last week and a half. Some folks said, in the wake of the attack, "this is NOT who we are." Other folks, including a number of my friends who are involved with the Black Lives Matter movement said no, "this is EXACTLY who we are." We could debate the meaning and merits of the arguments until we are blue in the face. I think a bigger question is at stake. "Is this who we want to be?"

The Challenging Sainthood of Dr. King

https://youtu.be/fcHWbi0JNYY?list=PLuR3t84V2Eyc_7qG7848UNOgEezIpaVkK I remember hearing Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech as a little kid. I remember well, it was the early days of CD-ROM software for the computer, and our school had received a donation of an early digital encyclopedia. The article about Dr. King included a recording. Not the whole speech, not the … Continue reading The Challenging Sainthood of Dr. King