Liturgy for Lent: The Eucharist: Too Much Structure?

Mike: We talked in the last post about the WHY of Eucharist. Now I think we should talk about the HOW. You’ve expressed to me a discomfort with how much structure we have. I think we need structure. I think it helps sometimes to think of liturgies like poetry. Different kinds of poetry have differentContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: The Eucharist: Too Much Structure?”

Liturgy for Lent: Explaining the Pieces of The Daily Office (Supplemental Post)

Jason: Our conversation regarding prayer in the liturgical tradition went a bit longer than we anticipated. We felt there were some things we’d leave out if we kept the schedule we set in our initial post. Mike: In the previous posts, we decided not to break down each and every part of the Services ofContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: Explaining the Pieces of The Daily Office (Supplemental Post)”

Liturgy for Lent: The Daily Office 

Mike: The Dean of my seminary, Ian Markham, used to tell a story about one of his former students, a Muslim woman studying at Hartford seminary. She asked him, “when do Christians pray?” As a practicing Muslim, she prayed salat five times a day, pausing in the midst of her work or play to kneel downContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: The Daily Office “

Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis

My friend The Rev. Jon Stratton invited me to come to the Faith and Labor alliance breakfast this morning.  We heard reports from labor and faith organizers working against the so-called “right to work” ballot initiative proposal in Missouri.  We also heard from fast food workers who depend on clergy to “walk-back” to work after striking.Continue reading “Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis”