David, Goliath, and Emanuel Church

https://soundcloud.com/holy-communion-ucity/david-goliath-and-emanuel-church-1?in=holy-communion-ucity/sets/sermons Usually I start out my sermon trying to make you laugh. I’m not going to do that today. Usually, I think it’s good to laugh during a sermon. There’s a lot of grace in laughter, and, God knows, we could all use a little more grace these days. But I can’t start with laughter... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day: Love is Costly; Love is Worth the Cost, a sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

https://soundcloud.com/holy-communion-ucity/mothers-day-love-is-costly-love-is-worth-it On Mothers’ Day, I always like to look out over the congregation, inevitably there are a few new faces. Mothers can exert a powerful influence in our lives. I always like to see who might be here on this day, because mom said: “For Mother’s Day this year, I’d like you to come to... Continue Reading →

God is Love, even in Baltimore. A sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

God dreams about the day that we will learn to cast out our fears. The only way out is through, through some long and difficult conversations about race, about privilege, about history, about poverty, about education. But perfect love will cast out fear. God invites us to see one another, not through fear, but through love. Because God is love, even in Baltimore. Even in St. Louis, God is love.

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