Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis

My friend The Rev. Jon Stratton invited me to come to the Faith and Labor alliance breakfast this morning.  We heard reports from labor and faith organizers working against the so-called “right to work” ballot initiative proposal in Missouri.  We also heard from fast food workers who depend on clergy to “walk-back” to work after striking.Continue reading “Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis”

Organics and Community Organizing (or the summer adventure installment 1)

What do hundreds of pounds of Bok Choy grown by Episcopal nuns and Barack Obama’s presidential campaign have in common?  I’m not exactly sure yet.  These are the constituent elements of my ruminations over the past couple of weeks, the first in my summer adventure exploring the emergent church and community organizing.  I’ll work myContinue reading “Organics and Community Organizing (or the summer adventure installment 1)”

Obama, war, justice, and hope…

“If you want peace, work for justice” -Msgr. Oscar Romero I’ve been thinking a great deal about The Nobel Prize speech given by President Obama earlier this week, mostly because a number of friends have sent me links to articles or their thoughts about what Just War or Just Peace would look like. Partly IContinue reading “Obama, war, justice, and hope…”