Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis

My friend The Rev. Jon Stratton invited me to come to the Faith and Labor alliance breakfast this morning.  We heard reports from labor and faith organizers working against the so-called “right to work” ballot initiative proposal in Missouri.  We also heard from fast food workers who depend on clergy to “walk-back” to work after striking.  Essentially, since Fast Food workers aren’t represented by a Union, they can be fired for protesting low wages.  Clergy and labor leaders walk the person to the shift, and make sure the manager puts them back to work.

Then Jon asked me to pray.  I thought I’d share my prayer.

God of the Laborers you are the one who gives hope to mistreated workers.  Be with us now.  Lend your voice when our speech falters.  Go ahead of us and show us the way.  We live in a time of confused priorities.  Corporations are treated like people while workers’ rights are ignored.  Give us the energy for one more phone call, on more worker walk-back, one more individual meeting.  Turn the tide in our time God.  Free us from prioritizing profits ahead of people.  Free us from putting the party line ahead of people’s health.  Free us from ambivalence.  Free us from the status quo.  Free us to work with justice.

Published by Mike Angell

The Rev. Mike Angell is rector of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis.

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