Practicing Lent: Prayer

A conversation about faith practices for Lent with my good friend Jason Evans. Mike: When talking about “spiritual practices” prayer is probably the most obvious starting point. Yet, the longer I spend with prayer, the less obvious a practice it seems. Prayer is a subtle art, sometimes maddeningly so. Growing up, I can remember just a few discussions aboutContinue reading “Practicing Lent: Prayer”

What nourishes you?

What is your daily bread? What nourishes you? Before we roll into this sermon, know that I wish these lessons did not come up during summer. I’d rather we read all this about bread from John during the majority of the year when we serve a big breakfast on Sunday morning. September can’t come quicklyContinue reading “What nourishes you?”

David, Goliath, and Emanuel Church

Usually I start out my sermon trying to make you laugh. I’m not going to do that today. Usually, I think it’s good to laugh during a sermon. There’s a lot of grace in laughter, and, God knows, we could all use a little more grace these days. But I can’t start with laughter today,Continue reading “David, Goliath, and Emanuel Church”