Religious Radicals for Welcome, Diversity, and Justice

“So, with many other exhortations, he proclaimed the good news to the people.” That last sentence makes me chuckle a bit, given what has come before in our Gospel this morning. “His winnowing fork is in his hand.” “You brood of Vipers.” Don’t brag about Abraham. “Even now the ax is lying at the rootContinue reading “Religious Radicals for Welcome, Diversity, and Justice”

Marriage Equality, The Supreme Court, and The General Convention

The Supreme Court justices have set a bar. Will The Episcopal Church reach for full marriage equality? Or will we settle for some middle ground?

You are my Beloved Children, a goodbye to St. John’s Church.

Gracious Lord let these words be more than words, and give us the spirit of Jesus. I find days like today a bit jarring.  This is the Sunday after the Epiphany.  Last week we were adoring the baby Jesus with the wise men.  This week we find him all grown up, getting baptized by John.Continue reading “You are my Beloved Children, a goodbye to St. John’s Church.”