The End of Ordinary Time

And so we have come to the end. One last Sunday we sing our Alleluias. We shout with a special measure of joy, because we know what is coming. On Wednesday we will return to church, the clergy will smear ashes on foreheads. We will remember we are dust, to dust we shall return. LentContinue reading “The End of Ordinary Time”

No Situation is Un-transfigurable

Today’s odd story has a deep truth to teach us: “No situation is un-transfigurable.” God brings hope, and beauty, and love to the most painful times. God invites us to be a people of transfiguration, to bring healing, and hope, and love to the most unlikely people, the most unlikely situations.

Transfiguration, and really seeing one another

Today we’re celebrating a great feast of the church, and it’s one you may never had heard of before. I moved it to today from Thursday. The crowd that comes to the Wednesday Eucharists knows I’m prone to moving feast days, especially when the Gospel for Sunday would otherwise have been Jesus talking about breadContinue reading “Transfiguration, and really seeing one another”