The Two Crowds of Palm Sunday This is a strange day, and the strangeness doesn't stop with the dancing, or the weather, or the branches down in Delmar. When we talk about branches in the streets, I'm not sure this is what Jesus had in mind. But the strangeness leads itself to our odd Celebrations. Palm Sunday hold strange tension, … Continue reading The Two Crowds of Palm Sunday

We call this Friday Good

We do not always behave the way God hopes. We are all in need of forgiveness. We are all in need of forgiveness, of grace, of love. I have a bit of a Good Friday confession to make to you all. In my initial draft of this sermon, my first sentence was this: “We are … Continue reading We call this Friday Good

Palm Sunday: Jesus’ March

On Palm Sunday Jesus’ march said “We will stand where Jesus stands, with the outsiders, with the outcasts, with the victims, with the immigrants, the LGBTQ+, the women, the children, the people of color. We will make a spectacle!"