Good Friday: Impunity, the Lynching Tree, and the Cross

We will know the power of Christ’s reconciling love, the power of Christ’s outstretched arms, when we know that Jesus’ saving embrace saves us by identifying with those who suffer. The Rector preaches about lynching, victims, impunity, and James Cone.

We call this Friday Good

We do not always behave the way God hopes. We are all in need of forgiveness. We are all in need of forgiveness, of grace, of love. I have a bit of a Good Friday confession to make to you all. In my initial draft of this sermon, my first sentence was this: “We areContinue reading “We call this Friday Good”

Good Friday: What Wondrous Love is This?

What wondrous love is this, oh my soul, oh my soul? Christ laid aside his crown, became subject to human injustice, was lifted up on a cross, that all of us my receive God’s saving embrace. You do not walk alone. Keep going. What wondrous love, oh my soul.

Good Friday Sermon: Why do we forsake Christ? Why do we forsake one another?

Did you read Robinson Crusoe as a child? Robinson Crusoe is not as popular as it once was in literature courses. Yet the main character continues as an archetype in our culture. Robinson Crusoe famously finds himself alone on what he names, “The Island of Despair.” Marooned. Forsaken. Alone. That sense of forsakeness pervades theContinue reading “Good Friday Sermon: Why do we forsake Christ? Why do we forsake one another?”