Jesus, Zombies, and Fishsticks

A Sermon for the Third Sunday of Easter. Sometimes Scripture is inspiring. We believe the Scripture to be inspired, and we believe Scripture can inspire us, blow wind into our sails. Sometimes scripture is inspiring. And sometimes the Gospel is about Jesus eating fish sticks. These are not simple readings. It’s not always easy toContinue reading “Jesus, Zombies, and Fishsticks”

Liturgy for Lent: 8 Essential Actions for Eucharist

Mike: In the last post, we poked the bear. Jason, you asked whether the Eucharistic prayers needed to be read verbatim. People responded, a lot. Jason: Thanks to everyone for the feedback over social media. It’s nice to know that this is a dialog that folks care about. Mike: I’m convinced we need to be ableContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: 8 Essential Actions for Eucharist”