Healthy Fear

If all your fear is doing is shutting you down, if all your fear is doing is making you numb, if all your fear is doing is causing you to buy more insurance for your house, or click “purchase” for survival supplies online then your fear isn’t the fear of God. The fear of God calls us away from all our false fears, that we don’t have enough, that we aren’t enough. The fear of God makes us free to act, free to care for one another.

The next brave step

Fear is a disease, the mystic says, and you have to get vaccinated. You have to get inoculated, by trusting, trusting in God that whatever the world tells you, you are beloved, you are deserving of a full life. And, you know what, your neighbor is beloved and deserving too. Even your neighbor who disagrees, even your neighbor who votes the other way. We are, all of us, beloved. We have to take small brave steps toward one another.