The Gospel isn’t Good News if Stomachs are Groaning.

I am becoming more and more convinced that our particular American understanding of evangelism, an evangelism that is all about the growth of a congregation, the “winning over converts” to our particular brand of faith, filling the pews and the church coffers, it isn’t what Jesus had in mind for his good news.

Jesus and the Power of Yes

We wish to see Jesus. Today some Greeks make a request bigger than they know. Perhaps all of us do the same. Coming to church, week in and week out, making our way together on this pilgrim journey, we state with our actions if not always in our words: “We wish to see Jesus.” DoContinue reading “Jesus and the Power of Yes”

Episcopal Evangelism: The Jesus Movement Needs Fishers for People

The Jesus movement needs leaders who will reach out, build community, help to stitch people into the kind of relationships where they can hear the words: “you are valued, you matter, you are loved.” That message is truly the good news God has.