Easter Sermon: Life wins, quietly

There is a certain poetry today. Today, we get two resurrections, Jesus and baseball both come back to life on April 5th this year. We want Jesus’ resurrection to be big, like a Cardinals’ World Series. We want fireworks like when Yadi hits a home run at Busch Stadium. But what strikes me about theContinue reading “Easter Sermon: Life wins, quietly”

Good Friday Sermon: Why do we forsake Christ? Why do we forsake one another?

Did you read Robinson Crusoe as a child? Robinson Crusoe is not as popular as it once was in literature courses. Yet the main character continues as an archetype in our culture. Robinson Crusoe famously finds himself alone on what he names, “The Island of Despair.” Marooned. Forsaken. Alone. That sense of forsakeness pervades theContinue reading “Good Friday Sermon: Why do we forsake Christ? Why do we forsake one another?”

Gritty faith

I feel like I need to start this sermon with a bit of an apology.  Here we are.  It’s summer, August in Washington.  Feels like half the city is on vacation, and yet you are here.  You came to church.  And then we had these readings.  Isaiah is trampling vineyards.  The book of Hebrews isContinue reading “Gritty faith”