Joseph, Advent, and Unexpected Grace.

         Life is full of surprises.  I know I surprised some of you this week with the news that I’ll be leaving St. John’s to accept a new position.  We’ll have time to say goodbye before my last service here on January 12th, so I’m not going to say goodbye now.  I want to talk aboutContinue reading “Joseph, Advent, and Unexpected Grace.”

David, Salome, and Dancing with God

At the heart of today’s readings are two dances, two VERY different stories about dance.  We have David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant, and we have Salome (who Mark mistakenly calls Herodias, which is her mother’s name.  We know her name was Salome from Josephus, a Jewish historian of the time.)  Salome dancesContinue reading “David, Salome, and Dancing with God”