Truth in Disbelieving Times (or, Thomas in the days of “Fake News”)

This story is a miracle. Thomas, like so many before him, is healed by Christ’s touch. Healed of his grief, of his disbelief. Easter tells us there are Truths which are universal. There are Truths which outlast even the worst news. There is Truth worth believing.

Thomas, Romero, and the Importance of Doubt

Today’s Gospel tells the story of Thomas Didymus, Thomas the Twin, but we call him by another name…”Doubting Thomas.” Thomas didn’t find belief in the resurrection easy. What does it mean to believe in the resurrection? Belief is the crux of this story. “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe, says Jesus.”Continue reading “Thomas, Romero, and the Importance of Doubt”

Doubting Thomas and the Importance of Imperfection- Sermon from Easter 2

As a newly ordained person, I have to say, I find the story of doubting Thomas comforting. The stories of Jesus’ resurrection appearances often involve confusion.  The disciples just don’t get what has happened.  Peter keeps needing reminding that this guy is the resurrected Lord.  Mary Magdalene confuses Jesus for the gardener.  In Mark’s Gospel,Continue reading “Doubting Thomas and the Importance of Imperfection- Sermon from Easter 2”