The Long Road of Hope

A sermon preached for the third Sunday of Advent at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis. Gracious God, let these words be more than words, and give us the Spirit of Jesus. When I moved to St. Louis, I didn’t know I was coming to learn how to hope. Now, you have to understand, I grewContinue reading “The Long Road of Hope”

Theology in a Bar: Curating Holy Conversations

One of the reasons I got my current job working with Young Adult ministries across The Episcopal Church was some work I was doing in a bar in Washington DC.  St. John’s Church decided we wanted to build community for young adults.  We wanted a space for young adults to gather and talk about faith. Continue reading “Theology in a Bar: Curating Holy Conversations”

Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis

My friend The Rev. Jon Stratton invited me to come to the Faith and Labor alliance breakfast this morning.  We heard reports from labor and faith organizers working against the so-called “right to work” ballot initiative proposal in Missouri.  We also heard from fast food workers who depend on clergy to “walk-back” to work after striking.Continue reading “Prayer for the Faith and Labor Alliance in St. Louis”