Inside and Outside the Walls.

Jerusalem is real.  I keep having to tell myself that.  I am really here.  I’ve spent the past several years learning about this place, and I’ve spent my life hearing stories that happened here.  If you can say anything about Jerusalem, it is real. I keep having the experience of reality, stark and undefinable.  IContinue reading “Inside and Outside the Walls.”

Honduras Presidential Meltdown

The recent events in Honduras have gotten me re-mincing about my year there. A late evening in November of 2005 my friends Lyra, Linda, and I drove back to San Pedro Sula from Tela, winding through banana plantations and the aftermath of tropical storm Gamma.  The main bridge was out, so the trip took anContinue reading “Honduras Presidential Meltdown”

Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us

The past few days have been the commemoration of the martyrdom of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., here at the seminary.  We’ve been talking a lot about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other things that divide us. We’ve been wondering whether we live in a “post-racial America.” One of my favorite professors here,Continue reading “Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us”