El Salvador and Resurrection

¡Romero Vive!  This shout echoes from the voices and lives of Salvadorans as we march through the streets of San Salvador.  30 years ago the country lost its archbishop to an assassin’s bullet.  Oscar Romero was targeted because he proclaimed that Christianity was good news for the poor, that Christian life demands standing for freedomContinue reading “El Salvador and Resurrection”

Prophet Bishops and Pilgrimage

Yesterday someone took shots at a friend and pastor.  The Rt. Rev. Martín Barahona, Anglican Bishop of El Salvador was the victim of the violence which plagues his country.  Thankfully the would-be-killer’s bullets missed the Bishop.  Sadly his driver Francisco is in the hospital. Shots fired at a Bishop resound specifically this week.  On SaturdayContinue reading “Prophet Bishops and Pilgrimage”