The Word was made a pilgrim.

A sermon preached for the First Sunday of Christmas at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis. “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Does anyone here own this particular bumper sticker? I know several people who own it. But, I grew up in Colorado, so granola-y statements like thisContinue reading “The Word was made a pilgrim.”

Prophet Bishops and Pilgrimage

Yesterday someone took shots at a friend and pastor.  The Rt. Rev. Martín Barahona, Anglican Bishop of El Salvador was the victim of the violence which plagues his country.  Thankfully the would-be-killer’s bullets missed the Bishop.  Sadly his driver Francisco is in the hospital. Shots fired at a Bishop resound specifically this week.  On SaturdayContinue reading “Prophet Bishops and Pilgrimage”

Inside and Outside the Walls.

Jerusalem is real.  I keep having to tell myself that.  I am really here.  I’ve spent the past several years learning about this place, and I’ve spent my life hearing stories that happened here.  If you can say anything about Jerusalem, it is real. I keep having the experience of reality, stark and undefinable.  IContinue reading “Inside and Outside the Walls.”