Liturgy for Lent: Saints and Sanctified Time

Mike: Today is one of the most important Feast days for my own faith. March 24th is the celebration of Archbishop Oscar Romero in the Episcopal Church, marking the day of his martyrdom in 1980. I’ve marched through the streets of San Salvador with friends from the Anglican Church of El Salvador many times toContinue reading “Liturgy for Lent: Saints and Sanctified Time”

In the Beginning was the Verb, a sermon for Christmas I

The verbs in today’s Gospel invite us to join God in adventurous action. The Logos is not some static mystery simply to be contemplated. God is not a beautiful noun that doesn’t do anything. John’s prologue invites us to see God as the “Verbum”, the verb.

Sermon from Easter 2 Thomas, Romero, and Resurrection

You can also see or hear this online at St. John’s site. What does it mean to believe in the Resurrection?  Christians believe in the specific resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.  What does resurrection mean? This belief has been the subject of a great deal of controversy in recent years.  You can strollContinue reading “Sermon from Easter 2 Thomas, Romero, and Resurrection”