Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us

The past few days have been the commemoration of the martyrdom of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., here at the seminary.  We’ve been talking a lot about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other things that divide us. We’ve been wondering whether we live in a “post-racial America.” One of my favorite professors here,Continue reading “Identities: the ones we construct and the ones that construct us”

To Believe or not to Believe?

A buddy of mine at seminary and I have been having semi regular bouts of walking and theologizing.  We’ve been discussing belief a lot around here.  Often this takes a very negative, if comical form.  Someone calls someone else a “heretic” because they express doubt about the perpetual virginity of Mary, say, or wonder aboutContinue reading “To Believe or not to Believe?”

Standing on your head for Lent

Sometimes Jesus doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In today’s Gospel reading he exhorts his followers to fast, but also tells them not to make a big deal of it.  Though the Old Testament reading from Joel tells us to “Blow the Trumpet.  Sanctify a fast.”  Jesus says specifically, “Do not blow a trumpet.”  Confusing.Continue reading “Standing on your head for Lent”