Can you give your money away?

In preparing for this Sunday, I was going through my email from churches where I have belonged through the years. I try and stay on the email lists of many of my former parishes, because they often have good ideas that we can steal for Holy Communion, and by steal, I mean borrow liberally… IContinue reading “Can you give your money away?”

Code-switching and Preaching: knowing your context.

Preaching, at its best, expresses the Gospel in a specific context. Code-switching helps us to understand the contexts in which we preach. My previous post focused on the danger of code-switching into “preacher voice.” Before we can understand others’ contexts, before we can hear another’s code, we have to know our own. My undergraduate thesisContinue reading “Code-switching and Preaching: knowing your context.”

Code-switching and Preaching: Can I talk to you about your sermon?

There’s always a moment of awkwardness when someone asks, “Can I talk to you about your sermon?” When you’ve put hours of work into crafting a message, when that message has a sacramental function, both praise and critique can be awkward to hear. A few times in my preaching career a visitor has approached meContinue reading “Code-switching and Preaching: Can I talk to you about your sermon?”