Cristosal Human Rights Report

A report just came out from Human Rights Watch and Cristosal on whose board I serve. There is a growing human rights crisis in El Salvador, and Cristosal has dedicated human rights defenders on the ground protecting the most vulnerable.

Between March 2022 and November 2022, Human Rights Watch and Cristosal interviewed more than 1,100 people from all 14 states in El Salvador in order to document human rights abuses. This report sheds light on the seriousness and pervasiveness of human rights violations under the state of exception and will have impact with the international community. 

You can read more and download the report here. The New York Times covered the release of the report as well, you can read that article here.

I’m really proud of the work Cristosal is doing and invite you to join me in supporting our organization. If you are making end of year donations, I encourage you to consider Cristosal. All the information to support us is here.

The Rev. Mike Angell
Board President, Cristosal

Published by Mike Angell

The Rev. Mike Angell is rector of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis.

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