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Pilgrimage Class: Introduction to the Episcopal Church

These classes, along with zoom discussion sections and a few “live in person” classes served as my fall class for newcomers and seekers

Icons, Representation, and the Divine with Kelly Latimore and Mark Bozzuti-Jones

I hosted a conversation with the iconographer who wrote “Mama” and with The Rev. Mark Bozutti-Jones a leading advocate of modern icons.

Theology on Tap: Icons and All Saints with Kelly Latimore

I curate a monthly discussion series at a local pub for newcomers to the church. This was our first live indoor event in 3 years.

Teaching the Lord’s Prayer/Padre Nuestro

Teaching the Lord’s prayer in Spanish (from the Episcopal Church’s 1979 Book of Common Prayer). We are encouraged our congregation to learn the Spanish during our Bilingual Liturgies for Latin-x/Hispanic Heritage Month.
(listen to the liturgy)

Mike’s Book:
“How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice”

is part of the “Little Books of Guidance” series from Church Publishing. Mike talks frankly about questions of race, identity, justice, and faith.
(Read a review by the poet Robert Lowes)

An Invitation to the Wisdom Journey with the Gospel of Thomas

Introducing a series which met during Lent of 2020, first in person then online, looking at mysticism, contemplation, and the Gospel of Thomas.

Membership and Belonging.

Exploring what church membership might mean before and after the pandemic.

The Dean’s Forum at St. John’s Cathedral Denver

A Conversation about my book “How Can I Live Peacefully with Justice?” with the Very Rev. Richard Lawson of St. John’s in the Wilderness in Denver.

Is it time to bring back the chalice?

Looking at the theology of sharing the chalice in the Episcopal Church, and asking questions about potential plans for sharing the Eucharist “in both kinds” (bread and wine) at this stage of the pandemic.


I often organize with parishioners, clergy, and people across the spectrum of faith on questions of equity and justice.

Testimony of the Rev. Mike Angell in opposition to eight Missouri House Bills

My testimony at a January 2023 hearing in the Missouri Legislature on eight proposed anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Big thanks to PROMO for the hard work of organizing 300+ people to give testimony for over 8 hours to try and stop this attack. (read the whole testimony)

Testimony of the Rev Mike Angell in opposition to Missouri House Bill 359
Firearms in Churches

Virtual testimony against proposed legislation which would make houses of worship automatic “open carry” zones in the State of Missouri

Human Rights-Based Organizing: A Faith Informed Response to Immigration

I helped to curate this introduction at Washington University’s “Danforth Center for Religion and Politics” to the work of organizing with Cristosal, a human rights NGO based in El Salvador. This conversation was wide ranging and tied together questions of Civil Rights, Human Right, Violence and Immigration.
(read the article from Episcopal News Service)

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