Sermon from Sunday Feb. 21- Shaun White and Jesus

Today is the First Sunday of Lent, and we begin with Jesus in the desert.  The story seems a good place to start.  Jesus spends 40 days in the desert, in fasting and prayer, to prepare for the start of his ministry.  We, like the early church, spend the 40 days in preparation.  It turnsContinue reading “Sermon from Sunday Feb. 21- Shaun White and Jesus”

Standing on your head for Lent

Sometimes Jesus doesn’t make a lot of sense.  In today’s Gospel reading he exhorts his followers to fast, but also tells them not to make a big deal of it.  Though the Old Testament reading from Joel tells us to “Blow the Trumpet.  Sanctify a fast.”  Jesus says specifically, “Do not blow a trumpet.”  Confusing.Continue reading “Standing on your head for Lent”