A project of teaching Scripture through social media.

The public square for the upcoming generation is a 1080×1920 pixel rectangle, oriented vertically, populated with music videos and fast explanations. Religious leaders and educators must determine how they will enter the space to teach about the Bible.

Introducing ScriptureTok

The Canon Within the Canon

White Nationalism and the Bible


The Bible and White Nationalism: learning about the Anglo-Saxon Myth from the Rev. Dr Kelly Brown Douglas. Interpretation can be dangerous. #bible #ScriptureTok #allegory #progressiveclergy #progressivechristian #bibletok #america #blacktheology

♬ Gospel-style jazz with a pleasant organ sound(991280) – HIRO

The Bible on when Life Begins

Should Religion be allowed in the doctor’s office? (response to a comment)

Lectio Divina Introduction

Example of Lectio Divina

Critical Race Theory and Liberative Readings of Scripture

Allegorical Readings Intro:

Allegory Part II: Gregory of Nyssa and Despoiling the Egyptians


Using allegory as a way to resolve problems in Scripture with the early church’s St. Gregory of Nyssa #bible #ScriptureTok #allegory #progressiveclergy #cappadocians #gregoryofnyssa #progressivechristian #bibletok

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

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