Just a few selected sermons.

April 23, 2023 Mothers’ Day and God’s Wild Love

What happens if we imagine God as a mother? (Read the post)

April 2, 2023: Palm Sunday: Stay Human

Holy Week teaches us, for Christians, there is no escaping pain and loss. The only way out is through, and the only way through is together.. (Read the post)

December 11, 2022: Advent Wilderness

In Advent we go out to the wilderness, because there, at the edge, there in the hands of wild ones something new can be born. (Read the post).

Epiphany 2022

The wisest spiritual teachers say control is, almost always, an illusion. With one important exception… (read the post)

April 23, 2023 Breaking Bread

Our faith isn’t meant to make difference disappear. (Read the post)

January 15, 2023 Feast of Dr. King

As we remember Dr. King, don’t miss the movement for the sake of honoring the man. (Read the post)

December 25, 2022: Christmas Day is Never Perfect

A simple reflection on Christmas Day.

Oct 2, 2022: Spirituality for the Ecological Crisis

On St. Francis Day 2022, a sermon looking at the ecological crisis. In order to overcome this moment, we will need prayer and a deeper and broader sense of what Spirituality means. (Read the post).

Moral Courage: November 19, 2019

Moral courage isn’t a well worn path, it’s not popular. But history shows us it is the folks who stay surprisingly open, the ones who make are willing to stand in solidarity with the least likely of communities, the morally courageous are the ones who have the capacity to transform our world. So take courage. This sermon was selected for the John Hines preaching award.
(read the post)

Are we known for our Love? (a sermon on abortion) May 19, 2019

For years I entirely avoided the topic of abortion in the pulpit. But this week, in our state, the theological got political, and it got dangerous. This week I worried that my silence on the issue was complicit. (Read the post).

Fully virtual sermons:

These sermons were preached pre-recorded in the “fully online” period of our pandemic life. They were a bit experimental, using visual storytelling alongside the words.

What if Christianity is a Way of Paying Attention?
May 17, 2020

Jesus says there is one great commandment: to love God, and to love our neighbor as our selves. You cannot love someone to whom you have not paid attention. What if beyond all the doctrine, beyond all the admonitions around behavior, Christianity is simply a way to pay attention? (read the post)

The Fire Next Time
Pentecost 2020

This Pentecost, James Baldin’s question remains: will we be trapped in a history we don’t understand? Or will we listen? Will we listen to the anger, to the pain, to the frustration of our neighbors?
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