Just a few selected sermons.

July 17, 2022 Wasting Time on Love

Today is not one of the usual sermons about learning to be less of a Martha and more of a Mary. Instead I want to sit with the word our Gospel uses describe Martha of Bethany “distracted.” How well does that word describe so many of us? (Read the post)

Epiphany 6, 2022 Blessed are the poor?

What it would mean if we didn’t implicitly add “in spirit” to Jesus’ words, “Blessed are the poor?” How can we live our lives in a way that makes those words true, for the people who need it most? (Read the post)

Epiphany 2022

The wisest spiritual teachers say control is, almost always, an illusion. With one important exception… (read the post)

August 28, 2022 Quit Playing Games (of status)

So much of Christianity is lived as a status game. So many churches are busy policing insiders and outsiders. Jesus talked about a banquet, a great feast where no one will have to be anxious about where they are supposed to sit. No one will have to worry about how they should behave. (Read the post)

March 27, 2022 The Wideness of God’s Mercy

The story of the Prodigal son is a story about how God treats all of us, about how God receives and accepts us all. There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, as the old hymn says. God does not behave as we would expect God to behave. God does not allow some idea of justice to get in the way of mercy. God does not allow so-called righteousness to get in the way of love. God asks you to be an ambassador for Love. (Read the post)

Blue Christmas 2022

To be a follower of Jesus, you don’t need to be merry and bright all the time. The Son of God could be a bit of a mess, held complex emotions, what makes you think you’re going to be any different?
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The 2nd Sunday of Advent 2021

This time of year is chock-full of nostalgia. How many of us measure our Christmas present against some ghost of a Christmas past? Could this Advent be about something else? Could Advent be about God showing up in the unexpected places?
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Last Sunday before Advent 2021

Until we decide to stop seeing this moment as the end of history, until we start asking ‘what new world would we like to see born?” we are stuck in the apocalypse. (read the post)

Moral Courage: November 19, 2019

Moral courage isn’t a well worn path, it’s not popular. But history shows us it is the folks who stay surprisingly open, the ones who make are willing to stand in solidarity with the least likely of communities, the morally courageous are the ones who have the capacity to transform our world. So take courage. This sermon was selected for the John Hines preaching award.
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The Wisdom of the Cross and Climate Change
September 19, 2021

To be a follower of Jesus, you don’t need to be merry and bright all the time. The The wisdom of the cross asks us to see the painful truths, to see the suffering of climate change, not to avert our gaze, and the wisdom of the cross asks us to also see the beauty that can happen even in the ugliest of situations. The wisdom of the cross is that dread does not have the last word. There is always a reason to hope. There is always a reason to call our fellow human beings to stop living out of fear, to stop living in denial, to work with hope for new life.
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Are we known for our Love? (a sermon on abortion) May 19, 2019

For years I entirely avoided the topic of abortion in the pulpit. But this week, in our state, the theological got political, and it got dangerous. This week I worried that my silence on the issue was complicit.

Fully virtual sermons:

These sermons were preached pre-recorded in the “fully online” period of our pandemic life, they were a bit experimental, using visual storytelling alongside the words.

What if Christianity is a Way of Paying Attention?
May 17, 2020

Jesus says there is one great commandment: to love God, and to love our neighbor as our selves. You cannot love someone to whom you have not paid attention. What if beyond all the doctrine, beyond all the admonitions around behavior, Christianity is simply a way to pay attention? (read the post)

The Fire Next Time
Pentecost 2020

This Pentecost, James Baldin’s question remains: will we be trapped in a history we don’t understand? Or will we listen? Will we listen to the anger, to the pain, to the frustration of our neighbors?
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